"Welcome to the RAS creation menu! Would you like to add reaction roles to an old message or create an entirely new message? (new/old)"
Yui's First Prompt

Yui will say this as the first step. Depending what you are trying to accomplish will vary.



If you want to create a Brand New Prompt with new Reactions and Roles, then say...


If you want to edit ONLY the Reactions and Roles assigned or Change if people can have more than one role or not, then say...


If you have a message that already exists, let it be that it's Yui's message or not, and you want to apply a reaction role to it, then say...


If you want to edit ONLY the Message Title and Content, then...

Do not use this command and move to the Last Page

If you said Old, move to the Using OLD page.

If you are using the last option, either wait out the command for about 5 minutes to time out, or proceed until you reach Roles and Reactions and type Cancel. Then briefly move to the last page, RAS Editing.

If you're creating a new RAS message continue to Channel: