Roles and Reactions

"Please list the roles and Emotes you wish to use one at a time in this format: :emote: role name When you're done type done, or type cancel to cancel"
Yui's Fifth Prompt

Yui is now just about done creating your prompt. She now needs the ability to link which roles go to which. Following the example below, keep reusing the format until you feel that you have connected all the possible Roles and Reactions that are necessary for your RAS message.

:emote: @role

A good example of how to type your response

Once you type out your response(s), type the word Done once and Yui will move to the last prompt.

Yui is allowed up to 20 Reactions and Roles, as per limitations of Discord Interface.

If you feel like you have messed up the RAS Setup somewhere prior to this step, you may type Cancel and the whole Setup so far will be deleted. You will have to restart from scratch if you choose to cancel the prompt here.

Additional Help and Role Assignment Troubleshooting

If for some reason you get a Warning sign as Yui didn't save properly, that means something went wrong in the background.

Yui will not react with a green checkmark, and reply with a warn indicator instead

Follow the list in order to make sure she works properly:

  1. Check into her settings that she has the "Manage Roles" permission.

  2. Check if her Current Highest Role is higher than the role you are assigning.

  3. Make sure the emote that you use came from your own server's emoji's or is universally accepted.

  4. Yui doesn't Create Roles in RAS Set up. Make sure the Role Exists first. She is only linking to a role, not creating one. It should work if you can mention them.

  5. Check if you can mention the role. Multi worded roles have a hard time for Yui to compute if not mentionable.

  6. You typed all of the roles and reactions at once. Type them one at a time.

  7. Make sure your syntax is correct. One emoji, followed by one space, then a mentioned role.